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Our Mission

We recognise that customer service staff can struggle to know every facet of the business they represent. In 2020, we set out to create a 'plug-in' service that would change how organisations serve their customers, by delivering expert advice straight to their desktop.

Why do you need AI in your customer service programme?

Large and complex organisations  (which include banks, financial services companies, car manufacturers, government departments) require specialists (subject matter experts) to be on hand to answer technical and challenging customer questions, but this is too resource hungry for a customer call centre.


Also, some of the information needed is not available publicly and there are limited bespoke solutions that can search and filter in a closed network using tech such SharePoint.


So, what’s the answer? We know that having an AI on hand to search internal SharePoint data and return a customer friendly response in seconds, is possibly the only cost-effective solution. Not only that, it is proven to be instrumental in ensuring that customers are well served by solving their issues during an initial and short call.

We’ve been developing our search products over the past three years and have successfully merged what is generally called ‘chatbot’ technology with the latest search technology and ChatGBT to create a tool that is unique in the world of call and customer service centres.


The merging of these technologies allows us to ask the question as the customer poses it and return suggestions that are not only factually correct (as they are based on the organisations data and information), but present results in a conversational way.

Our search lookup will lfind for the latest data and compare it to other versions. This ensures that information that is given is correct. The analogue way to do this is to task someone in CS to trawl for this information and ensure that they are looking at the correct and latest version. This is time-consuming and cannot be done without keeping the customer on hold for a long period of time.

The answer is one query away.

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