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We're here to help you serve
your customers better

What we do

Every single file indexed and searchable

Once we've crawled all of your files - on Sharepoint, MS365 and even your data lake, they are immediately searchable. This means the AI tool can query every file and deliver back an immediate answer to your customer's query. 

Learning from every customer query

We understand how the customer journey works and we've created a process that not only brings back search results, but uses machine learning to recognise and adapt searches from previous experience and customer behaviour.

Access to all search and query MI

Management information is key to helping an organisation to learn how to answer every single customer query. The analytics tools we use allow searches to be analysed in depth to reveal future search stategies.

Full Customer Experience Service

Our goal is to deliver answers that are not only accurate, but delight the customer. This is important if Smart Search is deployed on your customer facing site, but also if used as part of your call handling operations. The answers will always be presented in a human format.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our solutions team with work with your business analysts and solution architects to ensure that the software is deployed in the best way to suit your current environments and structure. We don't want to disrupt current workflows and processes. Our software is designed to be complimentary to your business needs - making it easy and quick to deploy at scale.

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