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The New Standard
in AI driven search

Our AI tool delivers the immediate answer to customer's questions directly or via customer service teams

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds in customer service and experience.

If your answer lies in your data, Smart Search can find it and present it to either the customer (through your website) or via your customer service team faster than any human.

This is site search on steroids and delivers immediate customer satisfaction and a much improved customer experience over standard search.

Easy implementation

Easy to integrate into any existing software either online or on-premise. This can be implemented on a website or integrated into a CS internal system.

Human friendly

Returns results with an answer that makes sense to the customer combined with URLs and links, that are perfect for guiding them to where they need to be - a product or service or more advice.

Search flexibility

Smart Search can index and query 1000's of document types in any format and display results in any format. This means it can be easily added to any website or service where immediate results are needed.

Powered by Microsoft

Perfect for searching through MS365 and large data. Smart Search can be implemented quickly and seamlessly without the need to change workflows or architecture.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.
Get answers and search results in milliseconds.

Take a human question and return a human response. That's what our Smart Search does.

The example below shows the customer rep searching for a very specific policy that is for a certain aged person who smokes. This from our user research is typical of the type of queries that CS can expect, where there is a large range of products and certain criteria required for applying. This can be complicated if there are regular changes to rules, rates and index linked calculations.


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We'd love to help you help your customers. If you'd like a product demo or for us to put together a working demo with your data, please get in touch.

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