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Powering up content with smart search

Deliver all your content, to all your customers, across all their devices, in just ONE click.

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Why smart search?

Unlike other solutions, that simply focus on delivering links; we help to facilitate the full cycle of delivering relevant content, analysing how your visitors interact with content, and then giving you the insights you need to further optimise that content.

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How does that benefit me?

We are with you from the off. Our service includes everything from initial fact find and discovery sessions, through to helping optimise your searches and implementing Smart Search into your existing site. We then train and support you on your ongoing journey to deliver better content and answer your user's questions.
View our step by step process.

Let's show you 3 immediate and tangible benefits...

1. Make your website easier to use

Improved relevance = improved trust

If your residents come to your website, search for a term like “tax”, and are unable to find any information on how to pay their council tax, they are likely to leave your website and maybe never return. On the other hand, if your residents are consistently able to quickly find what they’re looking for on your website, it will reinforce the idea that your council is a source of trustworthy information.

2. Save time and money on customer support

Your users prefer NOT to call you

Your users don’t want to call you to get their questions answered: they do it only when their other options for information have failed. By improving your site search, your users will be able to find answers to common FAQs (parking, bins, planning) without calling your office. This scores two victories: residents and businesses can find the information they’re searching for, and you can use your contact staff’s time on more productive tasks than walking a user through the website.

3. Get to really know your audience

Better analytics = better content

You can check your most common search terms for what words may be trending among users, and you can check your ineffective searches for what queries are not currently resulting in clicks. Combining this information will help you determine what content to add to your website next, or what edits may need to be made to your navigation and what new content might be needed to answer the questions your users are looking for.

Still need to see more information?
Get in touch with one of our advisors for an assessment of your requirements.

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